Bear Bryant crop

Sept. 1, 1954: Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant started his famed 10-day football camp in Junction, Texas. The grueling conditions and pace led many of the players to quit, and less than half remained on the team after the camp. Those who stayed call themselves Junction Boys.

Sept. 1, 1887: Ammon Underwood was born. Underwood graduated from Texas A&M in 1907 with a degree in civil engineering. He is also the namesake for the Underwood Hall dorm on the A&M campus.

Upon graduating from A&M, Underwood went to work with British East Africa Ltd. He worked for the Federal Land Bank and the Farm Credit Administration throughout his career. He also donated $1 million of real estate to the university.

Sept. 1, 1907: Edward Vergne Adams was born. Adams graduated from Texas A&M in 1929 with a degree in liberal arts.

During his time at A&M, Adams was a member of the Aggie Band under the direction of Lt. Col. Richard Dunn. While still a member of the band, Adams was once told by Dunn that someday he wanted him to direct the band.

After graduation, Adams went to music school before joining the Army. In 1946, Adams replaced Dunn as the director of the Aggie Band. He directed the band for 27 years, longer than any other director.

Sept. 1, 1905: Texas A&M President David F. Houston resigned. Houston was the dean of the faculty for the University of Texas from 1899 to 1902 before becoming the president of Texas A&M.

He resigned from that position in order to return to Texas as president.

Sept. 1, 1908: Robert Teague Milner was appointed as the ninth A&M president. Milner served as the university president from Sept. 1, 1908, to Oct. 1, 1913.

Before becoming president, Milner served in the state legislature from 1887 to 1892. He was also the first commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Sept. 1, 1925: William B. Bizzell resigned as A&M president to head the University of Oklahoma. Bizzell served as the president of the College of Industrial Arts in Denton before becoming the university president.

During his term as president, Bizzell volunteered the entire college to the federal government as a military training site in 1917. This made A&M the first college in the nation to offer its facilities for World War I wartime service. He is the namesake for Bizzell Hall on the A&M campus.

Sept. 1, 1948: Gibb Gilchrist ended his term as the A&M president to become the first chancellor of the A&M System. He retired from this post on Aug. 31, 1953.

Gilchrist served as the university president from May 27, 1944, to Sept. 1, 1948. Before being appointed as president, Gilchrist was the dean of the School of Engineering at Texas A&M.

Sept. 1, 1948: The Texas A&M College System was established. Aside from A&M, it included Tarleton Agricultural College, North Texas Agricultural College, Prairie View College, two experiment stations, two extension services and the Texas Forestry Service.

Sept. 1, 1953: Marion T. Harrington ended his first term as Texas A&M president and became the second chancellor of the Texas A&M System. He became the first A&M graduate, class of 1922, to hold this position.

Harrington served as the university president from June 3, 1950, to Sept. 1, 1953, then again from Sept. 1, 1957 to July 1, 1959.

Sept. 1, 1953: David H. Morgan was appointed the 14th president of Texas A&M. He served until Dec. 21, 1956.

Sept. 1, 1954: Former A&M defensive back Pat Thomas was born. Thomas was an All-American for the Aggies in 1974 and 1975. He was also elected to the All-Southwest Conference team during those years.

Thomas was a member of one of the greatest defenses in Aggie history. He was the team captain in 1974 and in 1975, when the defense led the nation in total defense and rushing defense.

He was drafted in the second round (39th overall) by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1976 NFL Draft. He played seven years with the team, and had 26 interceptions throughout his career. Thomas was a member of the Rams' 1980 Super Bowl team that lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Thomas was an All-Pro in 1978 and 1980. After his retirement, he began coaching for the Houston Gamblers of the United States Football League. He also coached for the University of Houston before becoming a coach in the NFL. Thomas coached defensive backs for the Houston Oilers, Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills.

Sept. 1, 1981: Frank Vandiver was appointed as Texas A&M's 19th president. Vandiver served until Aug. 31, 1988, when he resigned to head the Mosher Defense Institute at the university, a program focused on national defense.

Sept. 1, 1983: Jackie Sherrill's 12th Man Kickoff Team was featured in a Sports Illustrated spread. The article was written by Douglas S. Looney and covered Sherrill's decision to have his kickoff team be composed of student volunteers rather than members of the football team.

Sept. 1, 1988: William Mobley was named the 20th president of Texas A&M. Mobley served as the university president until Aug. 31, 1993.

He served as the executive deputy chancellor of the A&M System before being appointed as president. He resigned from his position as president in 1993 to become the chancellor of the A&M System.

Following his time at A&M, Mobley spent 25 years developing executive talent in the United States and Asia. He was the founder and a member of the board of directors of Mobley Group Pacific Ltd., residing in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. From 2002-2009, Mobley served as a professor of management at China Europe International Business School.

Mobley died on March 25, 2020.

Sept. 1, 1989: The University System of South Texas merged with the Texas A&M University System, changing the names of three campuses. The A&M System added Texas A&M International University (formerly Laredo State University), Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (formerly Corpus Christi State University) and Texas A&M University-Kingsville (formerly Texas A&I University).

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