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Aug. 1, 1943: 2nd Lt. Lloyd Hughes, class of 1943, went last in an aviation formation during a mission to bomb Axis oil refineries in Romania, aka the Ploesti raid.

Hughes completed his mission, bombing his target, despite damage to his plane, including leaking fuel over an inferno. After leaving the target area, the plane's left wing was on fire. Hughes was unable to make a crash landing and the plane careened into the ground. Hughes and five others died, two were taken as POWs. Hughes was recognized with the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Aug. 1, 1970: Quentin Coryatt, former Texas A&M linebacker, was born in St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

Coryatt attended Robert E. Lee high school in Baytown and played for the Aggies from 1989 to 1991. During his junior season, he was a second team All-American, Southwest Conference Defensive Player of the Year, and a member of the All-SWC Team. He was drafted second overall in the 1992 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

Coryatt is tied with John David Crow (1958, Chicago Cardinals), Von Miller (2011, Denver Broncos) and Luke Joeckel (2013, Jacksonville Jaguars) for the second-highest draft pick in Texas A&M history. Myles Garrett was picked No. 1 in 2017.

Coryatt is also known for "The Hit" on TCU wide receiver Kyle McPherson in 1991.

Coryatt played seven years in the NFL for the Colts and Dallas Cowboys. 

Aug. 1, 1977: Jarvis Miller, A&M class of 1950, was hired as the 18th president of Texas A&M. He was working as director of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station when he was appointed. Miller served as president from Aug. 1, 1977 to July 10, 1980, before being reassigned by the Board of Regents as a special assistant to the chancellor. He was the third Aggie to serve as president of the university, following Gen. James Earl Rudder (’32) and Dr. Marion Thomas Harrington (’22).

Aug. 1, 1999: A 12-mile stretch of Texas 6 that runs through Bryan-College Station was renamed the Earl Rudder Freeway. The sign north of Rock Prairie Road was unveiled Oct. 8. The renaming of F.M. 2818 for Harvey Mitchell also went into effect. Rudder served as Texas A&M's president from July 1, 1959 to March 23, 1970.

Aug. 1, 2002: Robert Gates was appointed president of A&M. He was serving as the interim dean of the Bush School. Gates was director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1991 to 1993. Gates served as A&M president from Aug. 1, 2002 to Dec. 16, 2006. He resigned to assume the role of secretary of defense after being nominated by President George W. Bush. Gates served as secretary of defense until July 2011. He was the only secretary of defense in U.S. history to be asked to remain in that office by a newly elected president.

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