Ex-Cadets reception invitation

This invitation alerts former students of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas to a reception for the Association of Ex-Cadets. This group was part of the initial beginnings of The Association of Former Students.

June 26, 1879: A group of former students formed an alumni group dubbed the A&M Ex-Cadets Association. The group held its first meeting on this day at the Bachelor Hall in Houston, Texas. 

The small group was the beginning of The Association of Former Students.

A full timeline of the university and the association's history can be found here.

June 26, 1922: William Harrell, a World War II Medal of Honor recipient and former Texas A&M student, was born in Rio Grande City.

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Harrell left school to join the military. He was rejected twice by the Army and once by the Navy because of color blindness, but was able to enlist with the Marines in July 1942.

Harrell manned a foxhole with another soldier and killed a dozen Japanese troops. Harrell's leg was fractured, and he lost both hands to two grenade blasts.

President Harry S. Truman presented Harrell with the Medal of Honor on Oct. 5, 1945.

June 26, 2008: The Los Angeles Clippers selected DeAndre Jordan with the 35th overall pick in the NBA draft.

Jordan spent one season playing for the Aggies, averaging 7.9 points and six rebounds in 20 minutes a game. 

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