Bucky Richardson 1990

Quarterback Bucky Richardson led the Aggies at quarterback.

Dec. 29, 1990: A&M defeated No. 9 Brigham Young University (and Heisman-winning quarterback Ty Detmer) in a 65-14 Holiday Bowl upset in San Diego, Calif. The Aggies were up by 30 points after the first half. A&M scored nine touchdowns, four by quarterback Bucky Richardson.

Dec. 29, 1995: A&M defeated Michigan, 22-20, in the Alamo Bowl. Feelings of excitement or fear during the game triggered 2-year-old Reveille VI to have seizures, and she was subsequently diagnosed with epilepsy, A&M veterinarian Claudia Barton said to  The Eagle in January 1996.

"Dogs who have epilepsy often have seizures triggered by things that cause fear, such as balloons bursting," Barton said. Reveille was prescribed anti-seizure medication and resumed her mascot duties.

Dec. 29, 2007: A&M lost its second Alamo Bowl pairing to Penn State. The Nittany Lions won, 24-17, in coach Joe Paterno's 500th game. Dennis Franchione had resigned as A&M coach after the regular season. Gary Darnell stood in as interim head coach.

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